• Introducing the company

    IRAN ROLL Company was established in 1959 with the goal of manufacturing different packaging wrappings. The company is currently directed by Mr. Mohsen Zanjani. Enjoying experts, modern technology and a unique design, the company has successfully manufactured high quality products with international production standards and it is prepared to offer the best services to the clients. Having obtained exclusive and official sales representations from authentic companies for different types of paper, foil and wax, this company is proud to declare its preparedness for cooperating in the field of supplying raw materials with a desirable quality and a quite competitive price. This company is the first and largest supplier of butter wrapping in Iran.

  • Background

    IRAN ROLL Company was established on June 23, 1959 in terms of a private joint stock company and was registered at Tehran department for registration of companies and industrial property under No. 6790. According to the minutes of extraordinary general assembly dated Feb. 18, 2001, nature of company was changed from a private joint stock company to a public joint stock company and the company constitution was approved. Headquarters of the company is based in Tehran and its factory is located in Alborz Industrial Estate of Qazvin. According to article 3 of the constitution, subject matter of company activities includes establishment of production and industrial plants and their operation in order to produce and convert different types of paper and aluminum to produce aluminum foil and glue, to sell the products inside the country, to import and export products and to perform any operation and to conduct any transaction which is necessary for performing the subject matter of the company. Considering the long record of company and the fact that it enjoys 500 personnel in its complex, the company has taken extensive measures since the past in the field of producing paper and aluminum as follows. As for paper, until before emergence of paperless-related technologies, the company is proud to have produced calculator tapes for all departments including Iran Argham and NCR office machines, packaging paper for gold coins for the central bank of the Islamic republic of Iran, code tapes for the army and disciplinary force of the Islamic republic of Iran, cash register tapes for all stores, telex and teletype tapes for air tour and travel agencies, telecommunication and oil companies, oily tapes and punches for the telex systems of news agencies and paper board for cloth rolls for textile guild. As the first and sole holder of rolling machine, the company successfully produced household aluminum foils as of 1969. It launched the rolling line of 7 and 9 micron aluminum in 1970-71 and has been one of the best manufacturers in flexographic printing since 2001. It is hoped that this company can continue to meet all the expectations of its clients by the assistance of the Almighty God and by enjoying experts and modern technology.

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