Proforma-based (foreign currency-based) sale


Representing some of the manufacturers in China, Spain and India and relying on extensive international relations with authentic international manufacturing and trading companies, IRAN ROLL Company is capable to sell on a foreign currency-basis (proforma-basis) all the raw materials for printing and packaging as follows.

-         Different aluminum foils

-         Different aluminum and tin cans (for beverage)

-         Different types of paper

-         Different types of wax, paraffin, thermal glue, hot melt glue

-         Aluminum foil coating primer

The companies that are interested in obtaining proformas to register orders and to import goods in the names of their own companies by exchange rate-based transfers and/or in some cases, by opening bank L/Cs, can enjoy various services of IRAN ROLL Company in this regard.

The facilities provided by IRAN ROLL Company for its clients in the field of foreign currency-based (proforma-based) sales are as follows:

-         Issue proformas with quite competitive prices

-         Guaranty a desirable quality

-         Facilitate in the process of production, transportation and release of goods

-         The possibility to pay the price of goods by bank transfer or L/C (on a governmental exchange rate)

-         IRAN ROLL Company’s cooperation with the clients in parallel with funding to purchase the products

-         Release and dispatch of products to client’s storehouse by IRAN ROLL Company

Offering services for the goods which cannot be sent by using governmental exchange:

-         Cash transfer payments to China 5% lower than the market rate

-         Payment of 70% of price of goods after arrival of goods in Bandar Abbas for cash transfers

-         Offer consultation services in purchasing, transportation and releasing to those clients that are interested to release the goods by their own commercial cards in order to facilitate the process and to save in the costs

By providing these services, it is hoped that IRAN ROLL Company can take an effective step in parallel with clients’ access to high quality products with the least possible time period and with minimum cots. All these three factors provide the clients with a significant competitive advantage as compared to the competitors.